Imminent Landscape & Notes from the other side

Joséphine Kaeppelin’s Imminent Landscape & Jonna Kina’s Notes from the Other Side is the 4th edition of the JARO series of exhibitions featured each year by Residency Unlimited (RU) and Rooster Gallery. Kaeppelin’s and Kina’s practice is continually in search for new contexts through the acts of translation and rooted in language and the written word. The exhibited work has been developed over the course of their residency at RU and reflects upon each other and the space where it is presented.

Kaeppelin’s mural Imminent Landscape paints a subjective interpretation of the current and future landscapes of our society. Dispatched signs throughout the wall suggest a necessary pause in order to reflect, focus and imagine what could a different future look like. Kaeppelin’s video piece also titled Imminent Landscape consists of sentences that the artist collected during her stay in New York from various sources such as public talks, books, news or conversations. Stripped from their original context, they are rearranged in a particular order and recorded through human voices. The work reflects the current state of mind of the society in its totality while each audio or text segment individually emphasize potential meanings.


extract of the press release of the double solo show's exhibition
In association with Residency Unlimited - MAY 29 – JUNE 21
Rooster Gallery, 190 Orchard Street NYC NY 10002, US